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Coses: «We shall learn to live again»

Coses (Things) was a progressive folk-rock group from Catalonia. Formed by Jordi Fafregas (voice, acoustic and classic guitar), Miquel Estrada (voice and bass) and Ton Rulló (percussion, voice and effects), between 1976 and 1978, singing in Catalan, they alternated a very influenced by Beatles folk-rock and progressive rock with great Catalan poetry or with text by their own. They only recorded 3 LPs: Via Fora! –that means a kind of alarm shout- (1976), Ara és demà -now is tomorrow- (1977) and Perque no s’apagui l’aire (Because the air don’t get off) (1978).

Aprendrem a viure novament 

Aprendrem a viure
petó serà donat
sense temor.
Ens llevarem de
tant temor.
Ens ficarem al llit:

els cossos francs.
Els vells homes- cecs
hauran fugit.

La nostra pell dolça

l’esquena del fracàs.
els llavis junts
farem l’amor,
per a
sempre jutges mesquins,
els secrets
del nostre cos.
la porta
la tempesta.
Tot el nostre amor
prendrà el
gust càlid
la terra i
del riu
Aprendrem a viure

i a voler-nos plenament.

We shall learn to live/ again./ Every kiss shall be given/ without fear./ We shall get rid of/ so fear./ We shall go to bed:/ the bodies true./ Old men -blind/ would have fled./ Our sweet skin/ we shall caress./ We shall break the failure’s back./ With the lips together/ we shall make love,/ defeated for ever mean judges,/ we shall show/ our bodies’ secrets./ We shall open the door/ to the storm./ All our love/ shall take/ the warm taste/ of the soil/ and the fresh river./ We shall learn to live/ again.


La Nova Cançó Catalana (New Catalan Song) was a very important songwriter movement that pretended, making of Catalan their expression way, preserve and vindicate the language of Catalonia. Teresa Rebull, a Civil War exhiled, was the forerunner, but singer Raimon was the real beginner. The movement, principally, had two differents tendences: Els Setze Jutges (Sixteen Judges), inspired by French songwriters, and El Grup de Folk (Folk Group), North-American folk-singers inspiration. Jutges were more worried about Catalan poetry and refused to use Catalonia’s folklore due to the populist use that the dictatorship was making with every Spanish folklore; but Grup de Folk like to combine old Catalans songs with North-American folk-songs. But in the beginnings of 70s, both were disolved, but the movement stood. New Catalan Song was imitated by others regional songwriters movement, borning in this way the New Songs from Basque Country, Castilia, Galicia, Andalucia… Some of the names of this movements are songwriters as Raimon, Lluís Llach, María del Mar Bonet, Pau Riba, Marina Rossell, Joan Manuel Serrat, Albert Batiste, Pi de la Serra, Ovidi Montllor; folk-groups as Al Tall and UC; folk-rock groups as Coses, Falsterbo 3 and Esquirols; and progresive and psychedelic rock bands as Companya Elèctrica Dharma or Maquina!… among others.

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