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César Vallejo: Mass

In 1937, Peruvian poet César Vallejo, amazed by the Spanish Civil War events, wrote a book of poetry named España, aparta de mí este cáliz (Spain, keep away from me this chalice). In that book, there were a beautiful poetry, "Masa" -"Mass"-.
This poetry has been sung by many songwriters and folk-groups; between them, the trio from La Rioja, Carmen, Jesús e Iñaki, in their LP Iregua.
(Click in the title for listening Carmen, Jesús e Iñaki’s song:)


Al fin de la batalla,
y muerto el combatiente, vino hacia él un hombre
y le dijo: "No mueras, te amo tanto!"
Pero el cadáver ¡ay! siguió muriendo.
Se le acercaron dos y repitiéronle:
"No nos dejes! ¡Valor! ¡Vuelve a la vida!"
Pero el cadáver ¡ay! siguió muriendo.
Acudieron a él veinte, cien, mil, quinientos mil,
clamando: "Tanto amor y no poder nada contra la muerte!"
Pero el cadáver ¡ay! siguió muriendo.
Le rodearon millones de individuos,
con un ruego común: "¡Quédate hermano!"
Pero el cadáver ¡ay! siguió muriendo.
Entonces, todos los hombres de la tierra
le rodearon; les vio el cadáver triste, emocionado;
incorporóse lentamente,
abrazó al primer hombre; echóse a andar.


At the end of the battle,/ and dead the fighter, came to him a man/ and told him: "Don’t you die, I love you so!"/ But the corpse, ay!, kept on dying./ Two got close to him and repeated to him: "Don’t leave us, cheer up! Get back to life!"/ But the corpse, ay!, kept on dying./ Came to him twenty, , one hundred, one thousand, five hundred thousand,/ crying: "So much love and not can do nothing against death!"/ But the corpse, ay! kept on dying./ Millions of individuals surrounded him,/ with a common request: "Stay here, brother!"/ But the corpse, ay!, kept on dying./ Then, all men from the Earth/ surrounded him; the corpse saw them, moved;/ he stand up slowly,/ hugged the first man; started to walk.

César Vallejo

Carmen, Jesús e Iñaki (Carmen, Jesús & Iñaki) was a folk trio from La Rioja, province of Spain. At the 60’s ending, Jesús Vicente Aguirre and Carmen Medrano started as a duo named Carmen y Jesús, and in others musical adventures. In a tour in Germany, they met Iñaki, and so they turn into a trio. Carmen, Jesús e Iñaki’s music is a mixed between popular tunes from La Rioja and folk-rock, and his words very vindicative, specially those that talks about the identity of La Rioja (until 1982, La Rioja was a province of, first, Castilla la Vieja -Old Castilla-, and later, Castilla y León), as "La Rioja existe" (La Rioja exists). His musical career is not too long, but very intense: lots of singles records and two LPs: De Lunes a Sábado (1977) -From Monday to Saturday- and Iregua (1978). Carmen Medrano pass away in 1979: many friends, as her group companions, Labordeta, Imanol, Joaquín Sabina, and others, made her an homage.

Carmen, Jesús e Iñaki’s web-page:

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