Gloria Fuertes’ «Earth’s heart», «The dictator’s statue comitted suicide»

La_ternura__el_humanismo_y_la_protesta_social_más_sencilla_y_clara_se_mezclaban_ The people reminds the name of Gloria Fuertes (Madrid, 1917-1998) as synonym of tenderness, which is the best word for define her personality and her poetry. Gloria began to be known in 1950, writing testimonial poetry: simply verses and nice jokes are her poetry’s identity. Gloria wrote many poetry for children, and this way as she is best recorded. Some of her books are Isla ignorada -Ignored Island- (1950), Todo asusta -Everything scares- (1958) and Poeta de guardia -Poet on guard- (1968) among others. She tokk part on the realization of TV programs for kids too. In 27th November will be her death 10th aniversary.

El corazón de la tierra

El corazón de la Tierra
tiene hombres que le desgarran.
La Tierra es muy anciana.
Sufre ataques al corazón
—en sus entrañas—.
Sus volcanes,
laten demasiado
por exceso de odio y de lava.

La Tierra no está para muchos trotes
está cansada.
Cuando entierran en ella
niños con metralla
le dan arcadas.

The Earth’s heart

The earth’s heart/ has men that break it./ Earth is too aged./ She suffers heart-attacks/ -in her core-./ Her volcanos,/ beat too much/ by hate and lava excess.// The Earth is not up to that sort of thing anymore/ she’s tired./ When they bury/ children with grapeshot in her/ made her retch.

Gloria Fuertes

Se suicidó la estatua del dictador

Se suicidó
la estatua del dictador.
La estatua vivía en el centro del estanque.
Una noche de viento
la estatua se lanzó al agua.
La estatua del dictador
murió ahogada.

Sólo las gaviotas la echaron de menos.

The dictator’s statue comitted suicide

The dictator’s statue/ comitted suicide./ The statue lived in the center of the pond./ A windy night/ the statue launched itself into the water./ The dictator’s statue/ died by drowning.// Only the gulls missed it.

Gloria Fuertes

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  1. Posted by evin on 11 noviembre, 2008 at 18:21

    Thank you forrhe trnslation of these nice poems. I will retranslate them for my readers

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