Inti-Illimani, Claudio Iturra and Sergio Ortega’s «We shall prevail»

Inti-Illimani (Illimani’s Sun: "inti", a quechua word that means "sun"; Illimani: aimara name of a mountain in La Paz, Bolivia) is one of the greater New Chilean Song folk and songwriting group, founded in 1967 by a group of students. They were supporters of Salvador Allende’s party and goubernment. In 1973, due to killer Pinochet’s coup d’etat, they were forced to exile: they live in Rome till 1988; during their exile, with the other memebers of the Chilean song, made the artistic and politic opposition to dictatorship.

Sergio Ortega (Antofagasta, 1938-París, 2003) was an important Chilean musician and composer. Ortega was member of the Chilean Communist ortega70Party, and compossed the anthem of Allende’s party. He was an important figure in Chilean New Song, making songs to singer and groups as Quilapayún or Inti-Illimani. Since 1973, after Pinochet’s coup d’etat, he lived in France till his dead.

This song, "Venceremos", was compossed to be the anthem of Unidad Popular (People Union), Allende’s party. Inti-Illimani were the first in recording.


But, specially during their exile, was sung by Quilapayún, Isabel Parra (Violeta’s daughter) and Patricio Castillo too. And even US ex-rock’n’roll singer-became in songwriter Dean Reed:





Desde el hondo crisol de la patriainti
se levanta el clamor popular,
ya se anuncia la nueva alborada,
todo Chile comienza a cantar.
Recordando al soldado valiente
cuyo ejemplo lo hiciera inmortal,
enfrentemos primero a la muerte,
traicionar a la patria jamás.
Venceremos, venceremos,
mil cadenas habrá que romper,
venceremos, venceremos,
la miseria (al fascismo) sabremos vencer.
Campesinos, soldados, mineros,
la mujer de la patria también,
estudiantes, empleados y obreros,
cumpliremos con nuestro deber.
Sembraremos las tierras de gloria,
socialista será el porvenir,
todos juntos haremos la historia,
a cumplir, a cumplir, a cumplir.

Lyric: Claudio Iturra

Music: Sergio Ortega


We shall prevail

From the deep crucible of the homeland/ The people’s voices rise up./ The new day comes over the horizon./ All Chile breaks out in song./  In remembrance of the courageous soldier/  Whose example has made him immortal/ First, we confront death,/  Our country we’ll never betray./ We shall prevail, we shall prevail/ A thousand chains we’ll have to break,/ We shall prevail, we shall prevail/ We know how to overcome misery/ fascism./ Peasants, soldiers, miners,/ And the women of our country, as well,/ Students, workers, white-collar and blue,/ We will do our duty./ We’ll sow the land with glory./ Socialism will be our future./ All together, we will be history’s completion./ We shall prevail, we shall prevail/ A thousand chains we’ll have to break,/ We shall prevail, we shall prevail/ We know how to overcome misery.


Another version of the song, was writen by Víctor Jara (translation coming soon)

NOTE: these songs I compiled two years ago, when general Pinochet, killer of his own people, was dying on his bed.

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