Benedicto’s “The art of loving”

Benedicto, en el Burbons Street, Madrid 1971 Benedicto (Benedicto García Villar) is one of the best songwriters in Galician language on Spain at he last 60’s and swinging 70’s. He was one of the founders of the collective Voces Ceibes (Free Voices), a collective of Galician songwriters, leaded by poet Manuel María Fernández, which objective was the vindication of Galician as language, and the culture and literature of Galicia (North-West of Spain). His style, instead his "French-Catalan" beginnings, has a root in Galician folklore. His 1st work was a EP with four songs at the fall of 60s decade, also recitals and concerts by Galicia and Madrid and other places. At the beginning of the 70s decade, he went to Portugal for meeting the great Portuguese songwriter José Afonso; since that moment, Benedicto accompany with guitar to Jose Afonso in his tours around Portugal, Paris, Galicia and some other places. In 1974, Benedicto back to Galicia and records his 1st album with the production of Argentine songwriter Alberto Gambino: Pola unión (For the union) released in 1977. To this, will follows Os nomes das cousas (The things names). But later he won’t record no more albums, although his career  was very intense. He alternates his own writings with the writings of the greater poets of Galicia as Celso Emilio Ferreiro, Manuel Curros Enríquez or Manuel Cabada Vázquez; also he alternates in the 70’s his own music with traditional Galicians ballads.

This is one of his firts songs, recorded in 1968. The words are of Gregorio Fernández, actually teacher on the Cervantes Institute of Lisboa.

O arte de amar

Eu podía cantar azures do ceo,
verdes pretos do mar,
unha frol,
a rapaza,
o banquete
das horas que non pasan,
o anceio que non ten mañán.
Eu podía cantar as cousas pequenas,
as follas, as pedras, o arbre senlleiro,
o berro do ar.
Eu podia cantar as cousas dos nenos,
o fútbol, as loitas, os contos dos pais.
Pero hai algo eiquí dentro que berra:
canta soio o arte de amar,
a forza que peta no soño xigante
do rapaz que non é home,
do home que se sinte rapaz.
Por iso cantando adeprendo
o difícil que é o arte de amar.
A forza que peta no soño xigante:
o arte de amar.

The art of loving

I could sing the blue of the sky,/ dark greens of sea,/ a flower,/ the girl,/ the banquet/ of the hours that don’t go by,/ the old man without tomorrow./ I could sing the little things,/ the leaves, the stones, the lonely tree,/ the cry of wind./ I could sing the things of the children,/ football, the fights, the parents’ tales./ But there’s something here inside that cries:/ just sing the art of loving,/ the strenght that fill the giant dream/ of the child who is not a man,/ of the man who feels like a child./ By that singing I learn/ how difficult is the art of loving./ The strenght that fill the giant dream:/ the art of loving.

words by Gregorio Fernández

music by Benedicto

You can read the Spanish translation by clicking here

The Nova Canción Galega (New Galician Song) was a literary-musical movement of young people who were against Franco’s regime and wanted to rescue culture and language of Galicia. In this movement are the collective Voces Ceibes. In the 70’s decade, the movement get folklorist attitude, instead many of them rejected it in the beginnings.

Voces Ceibes (Free Voices) was the first collective of the Nova Canción Galega. Their objectives were make an opposition to Franco’s regime with music and poems of the great all of times Galician poets and make a vindication of Galician culture, language and literature. But they rejected to use Galician folklore due to the illegitimacy use that Franco’s regime was making of it as an instrument of cohesion of all the Spanish lands.  Despite of this, in the 70’s, they adopted finally the Galician folk-music for making art and vindications.

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