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Carlos Álvarez’s “I’d want a stained verse”

Alvarez CarlosCarlos Álvarez (1933) is one of the last great Spanish poets alive. During Franco’s dictatorship he wrote combative poems that soon became in so aclamated songs in the voices of Spanish songwriters. He also colaborated with some of them, as in the Elisa Serna’s version of his “Cerca de mañana” (Close to tomorrow) and as in Luis Pastor’s 1st LP Fidelidad (Fidelity). Some of his books are Escrito en las paredes –Writen on the walls- (1964), Papeles encontrados por un preso –Papers found by a prissoner- (1967), Los poemas del bardo –The bard’s poems- (1977) and Entre el terror y la nada –between terror and nothingness- (1989).64

Luis Pastor was born in Berzocana (Cáceres, Extremadura), but, being a child, his family came to Madrid during the great migrate movement from countryside to town in the 50-60′s Spain, for living at the Vallecas neighborhood.  Born in 1952., he was one of the younger songwriters in the 70s: his influence are wide, but specially had a great respect to Portuguese songwriters as Jose Afonso. In his 1975′s LP, Vallecas, he made a song based on this Álvarez’s poem:


Quisiera un verso manchado

QUISIERA un verso manchado
por la cal y por la grasa:
verso de andamio y de forja
para el son de mi guitarra.

Quisiera un verso caliente
para el frío de tu casa:
verso crecido en la tierra
como crece la mañana.

Quisiera estar en tu copla
cuando el vino te acompaña,
y repartirme en tus vasos
que alimentan tu esperanza.

…Y quisiera estar contigo
cuando el hambre te traspasa,
y hacerte un pan amasado
con sudor y con palabras.

I’d want a stained verse

I’d want a verse stained/ by lime and fat:/ scaffold and forge’s verse/ for my guitar’s sound.// I’d want a warm verse/ for the cold in your house:/ verse grown-up on the soil/ as the morning rises.// I’d want to be inside your ballad/ when wine is with you,/ and dispense myself into your glasses/ that feed your hope.// … And I’d want to be with you/ when starvation turns over you,/ and make you a bread mashed/ with sweat and words.

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