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Manuel Gerena’s “Song to real unity”

Manuel Gerena (born as Manuel Fernández Gerena, Puebla de Cazalla –Sevilla-, 1945) is one of the greatest flamenco singers (cantaores) and an From a Vazquez Montalbán's articleimportant songwriter. Through flamenco, Gerena’s song protests against Franco’s dictatorship and talks about the Andalusian humble people, about the peasants, the workers, laborers, etc. For that reason, Gerena had a lot of troubles for singing in Spain, meanwhile abroad he was well respeted and known. Actually, Manuel Gerena is promoting his poema book A contracorriente por la dignidad –Back current for dignity- (editorial Umbriel), which contains his record-homage to poet Miguel Hernández.

This song, “Canto a la unidad de verdad”, from his 1976’s namesake album, is a plea to the Spanish democratic forces for join in the fight for freedom during the Democratic transition; for this song, Gerena chose a pop orchestration instead of traditional flamenco way.


Canto a la unidad de verdad

Si eres comunista,
si eres socialista,
si eres liberal
de verdad, de verdad, de verdad…

cuando tú te unas,
cuando to’s se unan,
cuando nos juntemos
será para ganar
de verdad…

Que no llora el pueblo
por lo que ha perdío,
pronto lo tendrá
de verdad…

¡Caigan los tiranos
como es merecío
bajo la justicia de nuestra unidad
de verdad…!

La autonomía,
razón soberana,
pronto la igualdad llegará
de verdad…

cuando se levante la voz
que trabaja,
gritando en la calle:
¡Queremos unidad!
¡De verdad, de verdad, de verdad!

¡Vamos, compañeros,
marchemos uníos,
marchemos cantando
la unidad que el pueblo está necesitando!

Song to the real unity

If you are a communist,/ if you are a socialist,/ if you are a truly, truly, truly/ liberal// when you will join,/ when everybody will join,/ when we will gather/ it will be for truly…/ winning// Well the people is not crying/ for that they have lost,/ soon they shall truly…/ have it again// May the tyrants fall/ as they deserve/ under our truly…/ unity’s justice!// The autonomy,/ sovereign reason,/ equality soon will truly…/ come// when the working voice/ stand up,/ crying out in the street:/ We want Unity!/ Really, really, really!// Let’s go, comrades,/ let’s march together,/ let’s march singing/ the unity the people is needing!

Manuel Gerena 

Notes about translation: although the chorus “de verdad” is what gives its name to the song, for a better translation I preferred to make a different translation in title and chorus, except in one of the verses, in which I preferred “really”. Because maybe it’s not too proper to put the adjective/ adverb at the bottom of the phrase, I have altered a little the lines.

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