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Coses’ “Balance of property”

viaforadavantCoses was a 70’s Catalan progressive and folk-rock trio who made a kind of protest-song, with lyrics by their own or of Catalan poets. They belonged to the prog Catalan musical movement called as Música Laietana. Formed by Jordi Fabregas (voice and guitars), Miquel Estrada (voice and bass) and Ton Rulló (voice, drums and effects). Between 1976 and 1978, they recorded three LPs: Via fora! –Alert!- (1976), Ara és demà –Now is tomorrow- (1977) and Perque no s’apagui l’aire –For the air wouldn’t turn off- (1978). “Balanç de propietat” –Balance of property- is a vindicative song about the working class writen by the band, so Coses, with some others bands, was one of the proletarian rock precursors in Spain.

Balanç de propietat

Nostre és el treball
Seves les eines
Ben nostra la suor
Ben seva la riquesa
Seus els drets
Nostres els deures
Nostre el dolor
De nosaltres la queixa
De nosaltres la sang

Dells el martell
Nostra la pell…
Seva la mentida
Nostra la ferida
Seves les lleis
Per a nosaltres les lleis

Dells el martell
Nostra la pell…

Nostra i seva la vida
Més seva que nostra la por

Nostra la raó
Nostra la darrera paraula
Sempre de nosaltres la resposta

Balance of property

Our is the work/ Them the tools/ Very own of us the sweat/ Very own of them the richness// Theirs the rights/ Ours the duties/ Our the pain/ From us the complaint/ From us the blood// Of them the hammer/ Of us the skin…/ Theirs the lie/ Our the wound/ Theirs the laws/ For us the laws// Of them the hammer/ Of us the skin…// Our and them the life/ More of them than of us the fear// Our is the reason/ Our the last word/ Always from us the answer.


(NOTE: maybe for respecting the original form of the song, the translation is not too clear. So, an alternative translation, less poetic, may be this:

(The work is our/ The tools are theirs/ The sweat is very own of us/ The richness is very own of them/ The rights are of them/ The duties are for us/ The pain is our/ The complaint is from us/ The blood is from us.// The hammer is theirs/ The skin is our…// The lie is theirs/ The wound is our/ Laws are theirs/ laws are for us// Life is theirs and our/ Fear is more of them than of us// The Reason is our/ The last word is our/ The answer is always from us…)

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