Nuberu’s “Atiendi, Asturies”

nuberu2Nuberu is an asturian folk and protest song duo, formed by Chus Pedro and Manolo Peñayos at the swinging 70’s. The name of the group makes reference to a creature of the Asturian mythology: the nuberu (approximate translation may be “clouder”) is a genious that carries the rain and the storm. Their music is based on the traditional music of the region of Asturias (north of Spain), a music with Celtic reminiscence, and singing in the non-recognozided Asturian language, they are a very strong deffenders of the Asturian culture. Nuberu’s trajectory recently have finished, but their vibrating songs still remains.

This one, from his second LP with the same name, is a poem of Manuel Asur, a contemporary poet in Asturian language:

From a TV program

Atiendi, Asturies

“Un pueblu ensin acordanza nun tien futuru”
E. Bloch

Atiendi, Asturies, atiendi
lo que falo na to fala
anque nos oyíos tengas
muncha llingua castellana.
Sé que sofristi abondu
que fuisti más nueche qu’alba
que fixisti too dafechu
lo que sentíes pel alma.
Selo bien, pero’l dolor
golviósete una mordaza
dexándote a fuerza sombra
una llaceria na fala.
Esa llaceria espardióse
como una postiella gafa
fendió to llingua llariega
fasta torgate falala.
Y la hestoria que pulsiasti
cola pallabra bien alta
quedando fo callandina
como ensin alcordanza.
Y ensin alcordanza un pueblu
nun tien futuru a la llarga.
Atiendi, Asturies, atiendi
lo que falo na to fala.

Listen, Asturias

“A people without memory does not have a future”

E. Bloch

Listen, Asturies, listen/ what I’m talking in your language/ though you have in your ears/ much Castilian language./ I know you suffered too much,/ that you have been more night than dawn/ that you made all definitely/ what you felt by your soul./ I know it well, but your sorrow/ became into a gag/ making you by dint of shadow/ a wound in your language./ That wound spread/ as a scab gafa*/ injured on your homelike language/ till keep you off of speaking in it./ And the history that you fight for/ with the word so loud/ was resting silenced/ as without memory./ And without memory a people/ doesn’t have a future along./ Listen, Asturias, listen/ what I’m talking in your language.

Manuel Asur

Music: Nuberu

* Gafa (Ast.): a kind of disease by which a cow is able to die if it’s not fed and another cow standing by its side does.

Spanish translation in this site:

Nuberu’s home page:

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