Xabier Lete & Imanol’s “Zure tristura”

oroitzenA beautiful song writen by the great Basque poet and songwriter Xabier Lete, and composed and sung by other great Basque songwriter, Imanol. Recorded on the Paco Ibáñez and Imanol’s LP Oroitzen (B. “Remembering”) –1998-. The song ends with the chorus of the touching song by Jacques Brel, “La chanson des vieux amants” (Fr. “Song of old lovers”) sung in French.

Zure tristura

Zure tristura nabari dut
keinu partikular gisan,
dintasunez hain tristea
nola nahi zenuken izan.

Dintasunez hain tristea
kaletan zoazean,
ezpainak krabelin xuri
bihotza oinazepean.

Desafiozko hauzitan
epai zorrotzen esale,
ezer ez daukazularik
maitasunaren eskale.

Maitasuna maitasuna
romantikoen uharte,
penak desegingo zaitu
odola izoztu arte.

Zure tristura nabari dut
keinu bakarzale gisan,
etsipenean hain harro
nola nahi zenuken izan.

Oh, mon amour
Mon doux, mon tendre, mon merveilleux amour
De l’aube claire jusqu’à la fin du jour
Je t’aime encore, tu sais, je t’aime.

Your sadness

Your sadness reach me/ as a particular gesture,/ with dignitity,/ as you wished.// With worthy sadness/ you are walking down the streets,/ lips, like white carnations/ and tormented heart.// In challenging lawsuits/ with strict judges,/ having nothing,/ you go appealing for love.// Love, love,/ island of the romantics,/ you have to be eaten by pain/ and get your blood frozen.// Your sadness reach me,/ as a lonely gesture,/ proud in your hopelessness/ as you wished.// Oh my love,/ my sweet, my tender, my wonderful love// From the clear dawn till the end of the day,/ I love you still, you know, I love you.

Lyric by Xabier Lete

Music by Imanol

´Traducción al castellano: https://albokari2.wordpress.com/2007/01/14/zure-tristura/

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