“Atzo Tun Tun”, a traditional Basque-Navarre folk song

Basque labourers. Author?A pretty old Basque song from Navarre, that talks about work and misery. The word repeated in chorus, tun tun, is an onomatopeia that reproduces the sound of the constant and tiring work at the fields and farms, as it were a kind of ever conviction. Then, the popular singer tells about the misfortunes that happen to him, sinking him in poverty and loneliness by the lost of his properties. The old pretty melody was used by many Basque songwriters and folksingers as Urko, in a part of his epic “Gure lagunei” (To our comrades) –dedicated to two of the five last executed to death by Franco- and in the great Basque folk band Oskorri’ “Oinaz eta ganboa”, made on a poem by Gabriel Aresti. This is the version that Professor Manuel García Matos compiled for his Magna Antología del Folklore Musical en España. Vol. 3: Andalucía y Navarra.

Atzo tun tun

Atzo tun tun,
Gaur ere tun tun,
Beti tun tun
gaitu gun.

Zazpi librako
Oilo Zuria,
bart azeriak
yan digu.


Gure diruak
joan tun eta
nork naiko
gaitun gu.


Nere etxea
erre da eta
nola konponduko
gera gu.


Yesterday tun tun

Score, P. 1Yesterday tun tun,/ today tun tun too,/ always tun tun/ we are.// Our seven pounds/ white chicken/ wa devoured tonight by the fox.// Yesterday…// Our moneys/ have gone away and/ who shall/ want us// Yesterday…// My home/ was burned down and/ how could/ we sort out.// Yesterday…

Spanish translation:

Originally, I published here long time ago; but that translation has some wrong words. So this is a better translation:

Ayer tun tun

Score, P. 2Ayer tun tun,/ hoy también tun tun,/ que siempre/ somos tun tun.// La gallina blanca/ de siete libras,/ el zorro/ nos la devoró anoche.// Ayer…// Nuestros dineros/ se fueron y/ quién nos/ querrá// Ayer…// Mi casa/ se ha quemado y/ cómo nos/ las arregláremos.

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  1. Posted by Francisco MArtinea on 23 enero, 2012 at 9:05

    A mi cuñao el euskaldun le ha gustado mucho. Le ha servido para consolarse del 0-4 que le metio el Atleticio de Madrid a la Real en Anoeta. Estaba muy pesaroso. YA parece que está un poco mejor.

  2. Jeje. Me alegro de que le haya servido de consuelo.

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