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Vainica Doble’s “Eso no”

vainica-doble_72Vainica Doble (double hemstitching), compossed by Carmen Santonja and Gloria Van Aerssen, was a duo of these two songwriters, but with folk, folk-rock and psychedelic rock in the middle of 70s decade. Carmen and Gloria like to do very tender songs about childhood, education, mothership, and love, but always woth a critic point and a bit of protest. Contracorriente (countercurrent) is their 1976’s album, an original, as in lyrics as in music, record, for many of their fans, their best, and maybe named so for is not such political as other records of this year. One of the tracks of the album is this one “Eso no”, a piece of Andalussian psychedelic rock, with the great Gualberto, father of Andalussian rock and leader of the mitic rock band Smash, playing a sitar, and to the great songwriter Hilario Camacho making a second voice:

Eso no

Y a mí me podrán mandar
y  a servir a Dios y al rey,
pero quitarme a tu persona,
eso no
lo manda nadie.
Eso no,
eso no
lo manda nadie.

That’s not

And they may tell me/ to serve to God and to the king,/ but take away your person from me,/ that’s not/ told by anybody.

Carmen Santonja & Gloria Van Aerssen

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