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“Perros” & “Lluvia”, two of the L. E. Aute’s “24 canciones breves”

0587Luis Eduardo Aute is, probably, one of the best Spanish songwriters, writing not only for himsels, but for others singers. He also is a poet, a painter and a film director. Critical, philosophical and love songs, with a heavy touch pf poetry is the Aute’s brand. But the author of “Al alba” had at his beginnings the trouble of being branded as “commercial” songwriter and singer; so, in 1968, he recorded the great album 24 canciones breves (24 short songs): an Lp with exactly 24 short songs charged with critical, satirical and philosophical messages, even in the love songs, all theme with a delicious melody of symphonic pop or folk-rock. Here are two of them:

The first, “Perros”, is a quick and short piece of satire, dedicated, probably to those demagogue right wing politics and intelectuals:


Dice mi perro a veces
que los perros no saben hablar,
que algunos hombres parecen
perros que quieren hablar.


Sometimes mi dog sais/ that dogs don’t know how to talk,/ for som men seem to be/ dogs that want to talk.

“Lluvia”, meanwhile, it’s a sweet and optimistic song about that sweet feeling that we have, when the summer rain comes to fresh the soil:


Lluvia, lluvia, está lloviendo,
los pies desnudos, la voz del viento.
Lluvia, lluvia, está lloviendo,
las manos limpias, la sangre ardiendo.
Lluvia, lluvia, está lloviendo,
y un nuevo día en mi pensamiento.
Lluvia, lluvia, está lloviendo.


Rain, rain, it’s raining,/ bare feet, the voice to the wind./ Rain, rain, it’s raining,/ the clean hands, the blood burning./ Rain, rain, it’s raining,/ and a new day in my thought./ Rain, rain, it’s raining.

Both lyrics and music by Luis Eduardo Aute

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