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Joan Manuel Serrat’s “Pare”

per al meu amicPer al meu amic –For my friend- (1973) supossed the back of Joan Manuel Serrat to sing in Catalan after 1970 (his last in Catalan was Serrat/4 in 1970). It was a bittersweet time, that among 1969 and 1974: as he was getting a great succes, as in Spain as in Latin-America (even in USA), due to the “Eurovision affair” (when he declined to sing in the contest if it was not in Catalan), he still was vetoed in television. The veto ended in that year. Many people thought this was one of their most elaborated works. To it belongs this beautiful ecologist folk-rock song style.

Although the primitive fascism had some ecologists points, the pollution in Spain had its conection with dictatorship too, because many of the ministers, those called technocrats,  during the days of the industrial expansion, abused a lot of the fields and green zones, so, by the 70s, there was a lot of regions very polluted.


digueu-me què
li han fet al riu
que ja no canta.
com un barb
mort sota un pam
d’escuma blanca.

que el riu ja no és el riu.
abans que torni l’estiu
amagui tot el que és viu.

digueu-me què
li han fet al bosc
que no hi ha arbres.
A l’hivern
no tindrem foc
ni a l’estiu lloc
per aturar-se.

que el bosc ja no és el bosc.
abans de que no es faci fosc
ompliu de vida el rebost.

Sense llenya i sense peixos, pare,
ens caldrà cremar la barca,
llaurar el blat entre les enrunes, pare
i tancar amb tres panys la casa
i deia vostè…

si no hi ha pins
no es fan pinyons
ni cucs, ni ocells.

on no hi ha flors
no es fan abelles,
cera, ni mel.

que el camp ja no és el camp.
demà del cel plourà sang.
El vent ho canta plorant.

ja són aquí…
Monstres de carn
amb cucs de ferro.

no, no tingueu por,
i digueu que no,
que jo us espero.

que estan matant la terra.
deixeu de plorar
que ens han declarat la guerra.


Father,/ tell me what have they done to the river/ that it’s not singing./ It slips/ like a barbel/ dead upon an inch/ of white foam.// Father,/ the river is not the river anymore./ Father,/ before the summer comes back/ hide everything that is living.// Father,/ tell me what/ have they done to the forest/ for there is no trees./ In winter/ we’ll have no fire/ neither in summer a place/ to stop by.// Father,/ the forest is not the forest anymore./ Father,/ before it gets dark/ fill with life the pantry.// Without wood and without fishes, father,/ we’ll must burn the boat,/ mow the wheat between the ruins, father,/ and close the house with three bolts/ and you were saying…// Father,/ if there’s no pines/ pinions won’t be made/ nor worms, nor birds.// Father,/ where there’s no flowers/ are not made bees,/ beeswax, nor honey.// Father,/ the camp is not the camp anymore./ Father,/ tomorrow from the sky shall rain blood./ Crying the wind is singing it.// Father,/ they are already here…/ Monsters of flesh/ with iron worms.// Father/ no, don’t be afraid,/ and say no,/ for I await you.// Father,/ they are killing the earth./ Father,/ stop crying/ for they have declared us war.

Joan Manuel Serrat

Spanish translation:

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