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Salvador Espriu’s “Potser arran de l’alba”

Raimon with Salvador EspriuA beautiful poem for freedom by the great Catalan poet Salvador Espriu, full with clear symbols, in which he declares the necessity and the fact of feed up the hope with poems and songs. The poem was musicalizated by the Valencian songwriter Raimon, in his 1977’s album Lliurament del cant (Liberation of the song/ singing):

Potser arran de l’alba

Aprèn l’aspra lliçó
d’aquells que t’han portat
d’un fi batec el do
del vent de llibertat.

Recorda la fredor
d’un cor antic parat.
No sollaràs la flor,
el nom de llibertat.

Guaita de nits, pastor,
al prim son del ramat,
mantén l’alta cremor
del foc de llibertat.

Veig esplendors de mots
corcades de foscor.
Vulgueu nets camins clars
tots vosaltres i jo.

Brills de subtils paranys,
reclams freds de la por.
No tolerem enganys
ni vosaltres ni jo.

Dreçats en el llevant,
omplim la gran buidor
d’anys morts amb un nou cant:
tots vosaltres i jo.

Perhaps at the edge of dawn

Learn the harsh lesson/ from those who have bring you/ of a thin heartbeating the boon/ of the freedom wind.// Remember the coldness/ of an antique dead heart./ You won’t befoul,/ the name of freedom.// Watch at night, shepherd,/ the thin dreaming of the cattle,/ keep the high embers/ of the fire of freedom.// I see splendors of words/ worm-eaten with darkness./ You want clean clear paths/ all of you and I.// Shines of subtile ambushes,/ Cold decoys of the fear./ We don’t tolerate deceits/ neither you nor me.// Raised at the Levant,/ we fill the great void/ of dead years with a new song:/ all of you and me.

Salvador Espriu

Translation to Spanish, by Miquel Pujadó:

Translation, also, to Basque and Galician, made by me:

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