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La Bullonera’s “Bienvenido Mr. Marshall”

La Bullonera: F. Javier Maestre y Eduardo Paz Bullonera (bullonera, in Aragonese, means a drain hole in bowls and jars), Javier Maestre and Eduardo Paz, was a Aragonese folk duo and one of the best last 70s’ Spanish folk groups, mixing traditional Aragonese music and protest song: they vindicated the Aragonese identity and criticized the social troubles, sometimes with a scurrilous humour sense. This song, from their 2nd LP, La Bullonera 2 (1977), is a critic against USA’s political intervention: at the last of the 70s, USA and Spain were getting better their relationships: although Spain gets into the OTAN in 1982, the relationship between these countries started in 1959, when the US president Dwight Eisenhower visited Spain, meeting general Franco and admiting as legal the Francoist regime for the fight against Communism, forgeting and forgiving the old Franco’s simpathy to Germany and Italy in the II World War; in return for that, Spain let USA to set up some military  bases (Rota, Torrejón de Ardoz…). The name of the song is a reference to Luis García Berlanga’s genial film Bienvenido Mr. Marshall (1953), in which Berlanga criticized the “Marshall Plan”.

Bienvenido, Mr. Marshall

Puede ser grande o pequeño,
en cualquier caso salvaje,
responde al nombre de gringo,
no se sabe quién fue el padre.

El dice ser Supermán,
un burócrata volante,
pero olvida que en Vietnam
ha perdido su plumaje.

Pues que trae fusil y tanque
y botas de militar,
os confieso que me inquieta,
¿qué es lo que vendrá a cazar?

Aunque puestos a inquietarnos
es peor averiguar
quién le habrá abierto la veda
a deporte tan singular.

Que esta tierra es toda nuestra,
queda fuera de lugar,
¡se las deben ver muy negras
los que le han mandao llamar!

Será pura coincidencia,
pero es gran casualidad,
que termine a bofetadas
con las gentes del lugar.

Ponle uno y saca diez,
te regala un hidroavión,
aunque se va por las ramas
no es ciertamente un gorrión.

Algo más debe buscar
cuando va a hacerte un favor,
ha venido de tan lejos
con la bomba de neutrón.

De nada les ha servido
tanto acuerdo y tanto avión,
¡pues aquí ya estamos hartos
del pajarito pinzón!

Welcome Mr. Marshall

He might be big or small,/ wild anyway,/ he answers to the name of gringo,/ it doesn’t know who is his father.// He claims to be Superman,/ a flying bureaucrat,/ but forgets that in Vietnam/ he lost his plumage.// So he carries fusil and tank/ and militar boots,/ I admit that I’m worry about/ what he’s looking for hunt.// But for starting to be worried/ is worst to find out/ who started the season for him / to so singular sport.// This whole land is ours,/ that is out of place,/ those who send for him,/ must be having a tough time!// It might be just a coincidence,/ but is a big chance,/ he finish in slappings/ with the people of the place.// Give him one and he gets ten,/ he gives away a seaplane,/ although he beats about the bush,/ certainly he’s not a sparrow.// He musts be looking for something more/ when he come to make a favor,/ he has come from so far/ with the neutron bomb.// No use at all/ such agreements and such planes,/ because we’re already getting fed/ of that finch bird!

La Bullonera

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