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Almas Humildes’ “Cuervos”

almas humildes cuervosAlmas Humildes (Humble Souls) was a Spanish folk and folk-rock trio from Madrid. It was formed by Antonio Resines (not to be confused with the famous actor), Juan Francisco Seco and Alex Kirschner; later, José María Alameda, Javier Navarro and Guillermo Polo joined to the band. The band’s carreer was very short, from 1966 to 1972, recording one only LP and eight EPs. In 1972, the band break up, and Resines is the only member who continues, as a songwriter, recording in the 70s two memorable records: the Cantata del exilio (Ballad of exile), with the collaboration of Antonio Gómez (words and narration) and other songwriters; and Canciones de cárcel de Ho Chi Minh (Ho Chi Minh’s jail songs), with songwriter Teresa Cano. Resines also has translated into Spanish the Beat Generation poets’ books, for the editorial “Visor de Poesía”.

“Cuervos” was the first Almas Humildes’ single. It’s a sweet song that talks about the reactionary people who were running Spain at that time. I’m not sure at all if there’s any conection, but Spanish people used to call crows to the most reactionary priests, because they always wear their black soutanes.


Ven a mí mi amada
con luz en tus ojos,
calma mi ansiedad,
que el fragor de mi alma
ha de ser ahogado
en tu suavidad.
Tu camino
cruzarán los cuervos,
los oirás graznar;
cantarán con
su cantar grotesco,
luego volarán.
Cuervos con levita,
cuervos con chaqueta,
que te cantarán,
y si sus canciones
te parecen dulces,
no me mires más.
Sus canciones
que hablan de la lucha
en su rojo mirar;
sus canciones
que hablan de deseo
en su torvo cantar.
Ven, deja que te
estreche en mis brazos
que ya no sufras más;
que la ira que
anida en mi pecho
se pierda en el mar,
mar de tus caricias,
mar de tus palabras,
mar de mi mirar,
mar de prados verdes,
mar de ojos profundos,
mar de cruel bramar.


Come to me, my beloved one/ with light on your eyes,/ calm down my anxiety,/ for the clash of my soul/ musts to be suffocated/ on your gentleness./ The crows/ will cross your way,/ you shall hear them craw;/ they shall sing with/ their grotesque singing,/ then they shall fly./ Crows in frock-coat,/ corws in jacket,/ that will sing you,/ and if their songs/ seem to be sweet to you,/ don’t look at me anymore./ Their songs/ that talk about the fight/ in their red looking;/ their songs/ that talk about the desire/ on their grim singing./ Come, let me/ hold you in my arms/ for you won’t suffer anymore;/ for the anger that/ nests on my breast/ miss out on the sea,/ sea of your caresses,/ sea of your words,/ sea of my looking,/ sea of green meadows,/ sea of deep eyes,/ sea of cruel roaring.

Antonio Resines – Almas Humildes

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